Be Great at History 1 (for Lower Secondary)

Author: , Publisher: Singapore Asia Publishers (SAP)

BE GREAT AT HISTORY SECONDARY 1 and SECONDARY 2 are practice books and companions to Lower Secondary History textbooks. This series presents examinable topics in easy-to understand summary notes and prepares a student for classroom tests and examinations through varied and progressive practice exercises.

The notes before each exercise give a quick overview of each topic:

  • Who’s Who highlights the important people in the topic.
  • Important Notes summarizes key events or happenings.
  • Important Concepts provides definitions to key words and ideas.
  • Interesting Information provides additional facts about a person or event.

The exercises presented in this book are varied:

  • Multiple-choice Questions help the student to recall facts.
  • Short-answer Questions enable the student to recap key information.
  • Sequencing Questions reinforce the understanding of the flow of important events.
  • Structured Questions prompt the student to think about events in detail.
  • Source-based Questions train the student to evaluate and check the reliability of given sources and to use knowledge to present a conclusion.
  • Structured-essay Questions tests on the student’s ability to explain and make judgements on key events.
  • Enrichment Exercise: Crossword Puzzle serves as a fun enrichment to reinforce terminologies, facts, names of important people and key events.

The Model Answers are an integral part of the learning process as students study the answers to the questions. They also show how various question types should be answered, especially for Source-based Questions and Structured-essay Questions. The student will find this series a useful resource when preparing for history tests and examinations.

Please note this is a Singapore publication and not tailored to Australian curriculum.

More Information
Year Level Year 7, Year 8
Date of Publication 2012
ISBN 9789812748997
Subject History