Continual Assessment & Semestral Assessment English 4

Author: , Publisher: Singapore Asia Publishers (SAP)

The Continual Assessment & Semestral Assessment English series (Books 1 to 6) was designed to equip Primary 1 to 6 students in Singapore with the necessary practice in dealing with the major components found in their English paper. The trial test papers cover the two semesters in the school term. Australian students will also find these exercises as useful practice - either as supplementary exercises or test preparation.

Altogether, there are 8 trial test papers: 2 sets of CA1, 2 sets of SA1, 2 sets of CA2 and 2 sets of SA2. Each trial test paper is divided into Booklet A and Booklet B which assesses the students’ use of language and comprehension.

Booklet A, which is made up of multiple-choice questions, has the following components:

  • Graphic Stimulus Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary Cloze
  • Punctuation
  • Comprehension (multiple choice questions)

Booklet B, which is made up of open-ended questions, has the following components:

  • Grammar
  • Synthesis and Transformation
  • ClozeEditing for Spelling and Grammar
  • Comprehension Open-ended
  • Comprehension Cloze

The contents in this book are interdisciplinary and are carefully selected so as to cover a wide range of interesting subjects, ideas and facts, all of which are relevant to the current teaching and learning processes. The objective, then, is to instil interest and a healthy curiosity in students about the world
around them.

More Information
Year Level Year 4
Date of Publication 2011
ISBN 9789812558930
Subject English