Secondary 3 Mathematics Tutorial 3B

Author: Lim C. K., Publisher: Singapore Asia Publishers (SAP)

Secondary 3 Mathematics Tutorial 3A and 3B are designed to prepare Secondary 3 students (approximately equivalent to Australian Year 9/Year 10) in their understanding and application of mathematical concepts, skills and processes.

Each chapter includes Objectives, Key Concepts and Formulae and Worked Examples to supplement and complement the lessons taught in school. Practice questions are structured as core, consolidation and challenging to ensure steady improvement and quick mastery of concepts. Books 3A and 3B cover all the topics for the entire school year.

For Books 3A and 3B, the four assessment papers (Mid-Year Paper 1 and 2 for Book 3A, and End-of-Year Paper 1 and 2 for Book 3B) are available to download from the official Singapore Asia Publisher website www.


Fast Lessons

  • Focus on important formulae and key concepts
  • Structured practices to ensure quick mastery of concepts

Practical Examples

  • Carefully chosen examples that highlight main concepts of the chapter
  • Include cautions of common errors, tips and important comments

Exercises and Drills

  • Focussed questions pitched at different levels of difficulty for steady improvement
  • Resource of varied question types for better exposure

Teacher’s Commentaries

  • Provides important notes, tips, examples and common student errors
  • Highlights important concepts to enhance understanding and retention

Step-by-step Solutions

  • Show detailed workings to all questions
  • Support self learning and easy self-assessment


  • Chapter 7: Graphs of Functions
  • Chapter 8: Properties of Circles
  • Chapter 9: Trigonometry I
  • Chapter 10: Trigonometry II
  • Chapter 11: Coordinate Geometry
  • Chapter 12: Mensuration (Arc Length and Sector Area)
  • Fully worked solutions
More Information
Year Level Year 9
Date of Publication 2018
ISBN 9789813212534
Subject Maths