Vocabulary Builder 3

Author: Peter Yam, Publisher: Singapore Asia Publishers (SAP)

Words are the catalyst for learning and thinking. Accordingly, the more words one has at one’s disposal, the clearer and more accurate one’s thinking is.

Beyond the academic scope, words allow one to communicate one’s feelings and thoughts to others as well as persuade and influence others. What is not known by most people is that sometimes words are responsible for charting one’s destiny. Vocabulary should not be perceived as a deadpan aspect of language which students are forced to memorise in school. As suggested by the title of this book, vocabulary should be expanded because it reflects the personality of the speaker.

Therefore, it cannot be denied that it is essential for students to possess a wide vocabulary.

The Vocabulary Builder series will help students acquire a larger vocabulary to improve their English proficiency and pass their examinations through the abundant exercises found here. It will also help them develop a large vocabulary bank which will prove vital for their learning ability and social life.

Vocabulary Builder Secondary Levels 1 to 4 cover homonyms, synonyms, antonyms, word forms, people, idioms, compound words, words describing feelings and emotions, words describing character, using the right word, phrasal verbs, words with multiple meanings, word pairs and word-phrase substitution.

More Information
Year Level Year 9
Date of Publication 2015
ISBN 9789814672733
Subject English